Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Encounters of the Bird Kind

I saw a huge Red Headed Woodpecker in the yard today through the window at breakfast, but of course no sooner did I grab my camera then he flitted away! He looked just like this-
Photo from
It was a real thrill to see one so close; he was probably only 20-30 feet away!

This was my second unusual bird encounter this week, as earlier in the week I scared away a hawk that was trying to attack one of my chickens. I have seen many hawks here, and I always just assumed that the chickens (which are well fed and fat) were too big for the hawks, which are smaller, to mess with. I guess I was wrong! The chicken was unharmed, thank goodness.
The hawk looked like this one.
Photo from
I was never really into bird watching before we moved here, but we have tons of Ruby Throated Hummingbirds which are fabulous to watch. And, the first year we were here, I saw through the kitchen window a Blue Jay of epic proportion. I now refer to him as "Chicken Jay," as in "he was big enough for us to dress and bake like a chicken. I saw him a few times after that initial sighting, but Brian never saw him and probably thinks I was exaggerating. I am not! He was really the biggest Jay ever! At least as big as a Cornish Hen! A little sage and butter rub on the skin, some salt and pepper......mmmmmmm........Oh! I am getting away from myself.

Are there other 30-something-kitchen-window-bird-watchers out there just like me? What have you spotted lately that made you just stop and watch?


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