Monday, April 26, 2010

A Beautiful New Beginning and a Sad and Mournful End

I have not had the opportunity to write a post in some time, simply
because I was off having a beautiful baby girl! She was born on March
16th, and we brought her home to the farm shortly thereafter. Since
then we have had a slew of visitors, and the new Da and I have been
working hard to catch up on some sleep! Now, 6 weeks later we are
trying to establish something of a routine. Our daughter has changed
our lives so much, and we look forward to instilling our love of the
land and the simple life in her as she forms her own distinct
On a truly sad note, a wonderful personality has left the world for
the great beyond. My dog Jack, who has been my best friend for six
years and counting got into a duel with an animal in the field behind
our house, and very unfortunately he lost. I have been suffering his
loss so deeply while at the same time enjoying every moment and the
"firsts" of each day with my new and lovely daughter.
This has been a very bittersweet time for myself and my husband. I
plan on planting some forget-me-nots on Jacks grave as a symbol of my
true love and devotion to my fallen friend. One day I will tell my
daughter all about Jack and what he meant to me. I will tell her that
when I felt so deeply melancholy and lonesome for him, she kept me
from sinking too low. A smile, the smell of her head, the tiny beauty
of her hands and feet have all kept me from losing myself to
depression. This may sound extreme, but I love Jack more than most
people I know, and any good person who has experienced such devotion,
protection, and admiration from a dog knows that it is impossible not
to return it with equal fervor.
Good bye my beloved pet and friend. I know this pain will soften in
time, but I will miss you until I leave to join you as a drop in the
ocean. And to my new baby girl, thank you. You mean so much to me
already- I now live each day in part for you. I'm glad to have brought
both Jack and our baby home to the farm.