Monday, October 24, 2011

At long last...a treadle!

I don't know why I have been wanting a treadle, but I have. Perhaps I
was afraid the power would go out in the middle of a seam. I will
worry no more-my red eye is belted up and ready for action. In fact,
last night I made a fried egg shaped pot holder with it. Why? Because
I couldn't think of any reason not to!


  1. Would you mind saying how much you splurged for it? I've been searching them on Craigslist wanting one, and haven't decided how much I'm willing to drop on one. Maybe the right one hasn't come into my path yet to make that decision. ;-)

    Congrats on that purchase and may it be daylight or you have plenty of candles when your power goes out when you use it out of necessity.

  2. Thanks Cassandra! I actually didn't buy it. I had bought a similar machine a while back for $2.50 cents at a thrift store. My mother in law gave me this one with the table; it used to be her Aunt's mother-in-law's machine. It was stored in our grandma's basement for many years, and needed work. So, I borrowed parts from the $2.50 machine and got this one working well. The table is a bit rough (some peeling veneer), but solid enough. I may spiff it up one day, and I may not.
    Some people are nuts and try to sell old, crapped up sewing machines for a lot of money. You can look on eBay too- you could buy a nice machine and just look for the table locally. I have seen some STUNNING Singers on eBay with perfect decals. I would keep an eye on the bobbin though- I am scared of those shuttle bobbins for some reason!

  3. Oh, and some of these Singers take weird feet, although you can get them so they take normal side mount feet and a 66 bobbin. I would look at that, because mine are interchangeable with some of my other machines. Yes, that's "machines..." I am currently at two zigzaggers with options, two straight stitchers, and a serger. :)

  4. gorgeous looking sewing machine. i'm in love with it.


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