Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farmhouse Garden 2011

Today we started a bed of leaf lettuce and planted spinach, sweet
peas, sugar snap peas, and bok choy. I am so excited! Baby A hung out
in the pack totally content for an hour and a half while we worked. I
can't wait to see her picking and eating goodies straight from the


  1. Exciting! More weeding for me this week and then onto my veg boxes! She was so good to sit in her backpack like that for that long. I think LT will be right in there with the dirt this year!

  2. Oh how fun! I guess it's that time of year already. Maybe we will get a garden going this year again.

  3. Yes, it's that time of year! I just can't wait to start eating the fresh veggies!
    Portia, you'll have to get him his own little set of gardening tools :)

  4. My husband has our garden going now too. He has the green thumb in the family, thank God.I like to plant bulbs because I don't have to remember to water them! It's so great to see your kids eating things you grew yourself.

  5. Jealous! We still have a big patch of ice in our back yard and planting season is a few weeks off.

    I'm not sure if you would like to participate in this, but I have passed on the Leibster award to you. It is for blogs with less than 300 followers, and if you'd like, you can nominate others and link back to my blog. Hopefully it will attract some new viewers!


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