Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Biltmore Part II- Vintage Luggage & Flowers

I went to the Biltmore with the fam again the weekend before last. I wanted to see the tulip garden in bloom. As this is an important time of year in the flower gardens, they had already changed out some of the displays in the greenhouses. And, Mother Nature had changed them up too, as some flowers had gone by and others burst into bloom. I almost skipped the last greenhouse, as we were a bit tired and ready to head out, but I ducked in and found a beautiful room arranged with vintage luggage which had been potted. Now that is my cup of tea! That would be a really neat use for some of the really smelly old luggage one encounters from time to time while out thrifting. Here are some photos. 

I love these pointy tulips 

My loves relaxing in the grass

This is my favorite! I love how the flowers reflect in that old, mottled mirror.

They filled the pockets! Love, love, love!

And again, a good time was had by all!


  1. He he, those filled pockets are inspired! You two look so healthy, happy, and loved up in that last photo. :)

  2. @Miss P
    Thanks Portia! Next thing you know the whole place will be cluttered up with old Samsonite flower arrangements ;)


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