Thursday, April 21, 2011

My hands are shaking as I snap this photo...

I just got super lucky at a local thrift store! 40s patterns for $1
each! Swoon! Someone pass the smelling salts! This is less than half.
I bought 23 patterns. Yaaaay!


  1. Awesome!! That is such a find!! Have fun 'playing' with your new loot. :^)

  2. Wonderful! You are so lucky! I hope you make something soon, they look really beautiful!

  3. WOW! Great find! and you can't beat that price! i recently found a bunch of fun 1970's pattern for 25 cents each! This is way better :D

  4. Lucky girl - that happened once for me here, I got about 8 for about $1/piece.

  5. Go go Abi! Wowzers! Will you be taking more pics so we can see what you scored??? Pretty please!! These look stunning but I'm craving close ups! (Just nosey like that I guess)

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