Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Day, Pattern Score, Coloring Eggs, More Potted Luggage, the Sew-a-thon....

Today is Easter, and tomorrow my hunny goes back to work, as his spring break is coming to a close. We three have had a great time just spending time together- sharing meals, talks, naps, thrifting, and snuggling. Only a bit over a month and he'll be home for the summer. 

We have had family visiting, and you'll never guess....we went to the BILTMORE! Ha ha! We are getting our money's worth out of those season passes. I won't post a gazillion pics of flowers, just a few more neat vintage luggage shots. 

On the way over there we hit some secondhand stores, and a thrifting/sewing dream of mine was realized when I happened upon a shop that had a whole bunch of 40s (most in my size) patterns as well as some very cute 50s/60s stuff for $1 each. I bought twenty some-odd patterns- quite a steal! (It's a slightly better view anyway, Portia! It's okay- I like to see the goodies you hunt out too!)

The next day, we colored Easter eggs. I haven't done that in years, and it was a lot of fun! 

And, as if there weren't enough going on, I decided to sew new dresses for the bunny and I! I had already begun her dress, but as for mine, I disassembled a dress I found thrifting, recut the fabric for my new pattern, and decided to fully line it. 
It began life as a Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax style 80s does 50s dress
Add McCall's 9746 from 1969 (borrowed pic- buy this pattern here)
And we ended up with this! 

This dress has a "bra top," it is interfaced, lined, and fitted very snugly. As I said, I decided to line the whole thing, and it was my first time doing a fully lined dress. I also made fabric covered buttons for the front. I like the style a lot, and the empire waist/a line combo allowed me to cram in the maximum amount of my MIL's yummy Easter food! Gremel's little dress has lace on the collar, bunny applique', and I hemmed both dresses and inserted the zippers by hand. In fact, with the lining in mine, I did a fair amount of hand stitching, and all in all it came out pretty well.
Seems harder, but it's actually easier for me to get a nice, unpuckery result
The pattern for Bunny's dress-
I used an applique from another pattern that I found yesterday thrifting- what luck!
Excuse the wrinkles, I took this after she wore it

Yeah, it was kinda crazy. I sewed until late last night, and then I woke up and sewed for a few hours today!  It was fun though, and well worth it because we got some really nice Easter family photos. 

I really hope you had a wonderful holiday as well- with loved ones, in your part of the world, with your special traditions. Now to rest my hands and arms up for some more stitching, gardening, and baby hugging. Goodnight!  


  1. lovely lovely lovely, I just don't know wkere to start! Your pattern finds sre great, your dress is lovely I love those older Mc call I have few waiting to be made up. You all look like your having a lovely time. Happy easter x x x

  2. Wow, you did a great job on the dress! I have thought of taking a dress apart and resewing, cutting but still thinking this through. It's just wonderful. I also have the same pattern with the long collar, it was one of the first dresses I have ever made. I like it, it's on my blog. Great finds!!

  3. @Vintage Girl
    Thank you! I liked the magnolia fabric a lot, but the dress was not so flattering. I think it's a neat way to give an old garment a new life- in this case there was a lot of yardage to work with. And I know the dress you mean- it was pink right? I'll go back and look at it again. Oh, and thanks a ton for the hem tutorial you posted. I actually just grabbed one thread hemming both dresses, and they really came out pretty blind! :)

  4. Your dress turned out beautifully, glad the lining went without any hitches! Your little girl looks so cute too!

  5. @Claire
    Thanks! I am glad it went in without hitches too! I was nervous about it. To hem it, I just cut it to the length of the dress hem, added lace tape, and turned it up once. Seems to have worked out!

  6. Abi! So much loveliness in one post. Thanks for the additional pics of your haul,lol!
    Your little lady is growing so fast! Just beautiful. Love the dress. Looks tobe a perfect fit too.

  7. @Miss P
    Thanks Portia! It is so nice to have the wonderful support of like-minded ladies. Hope I can get to some of those patterns soon...

  8. Hi! I randomly found this blog while looking up the McCalls pattern 9746 that you made. My mom knows I love to sew and she found a copy of the pattern at an antique show for less than $1. Seeing your version makes me even more excited to make my own version. :)

    Just out of curiosity, since it is a vintage pattern, did you have to make any major alterations to get it to fit you? I think I'm going to have to do to fit me, especially in the waist measurement. No way do I have a 24" waist!

    1. Hi Cecilee! Thanks for stopping by!
      I don't think I altered this pattern at all. It was a bit snug in the chest/bust area though. I would recommend making a muslin of the bra top portion, but from there it juts out in an a-line, so I wouldn't worry too much about the waist fit if it fits up top. Hope this helps!!


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