Friday, April 29, 2011

Thrifted Treasure

We almost didn't go to Goodwill this evening. But we did, and look who
I found there! After a lot of oiling and some de-gunking, it sews
reasonably well. I tried it with a class 15 because I don't have the
Elna bobbins, and it did prove functional. I am going to sell it...or
order bobbins for myself...or sell it...arghhhh! It's SO CUTE! And it
barely takes up any space...I'm starting to wonder if my good luck
finding machines is a blessing or a curse! :)


  1. Awesome find!

    Support group? No way! I love living vicariously through you!

  2. I might have Elna bobbins. I used to have an old 60's Elna that I loved. I was storing it at my moms and she sent it to the dump (along with my beloved rock collection!)... I may still have bobbins, think any Elna bobbin would work?

  3. @Vintage Girl
    As long as you are laughing with me... ;) No, it really is funny. I rearranged my fabric stash & it broke my cabinet :( So, my husband found me new storage for Mother's Day, and as I was re-homing everything I realized just how much I won't see me on Hoarders any time soon, but it ain't pretty! I need to sew more and stash less!

  4. @Cassandra {Sleeping or Sewing}
    Thanks! I don't think I'll be stopping any time soon...well, I am laying off of the fabric, but if I have to rescue nice sewing machines and make sure they go to good homes, well, that's what I have to do!

  5. @Sarah Elaine Thanks a ton! I am actually selling that machine though, but I appreciate it a lot. And I just shed a tear over your rock collection :( I have one too! That collection is actually rather small and well contained though....

  6. I bought one of these new years ago. It is still going strong. I just love it. I hope it gets a good home. Best BER


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