Saturday, March 5, 2011

I get to show off a little, right?

I have such a wonderful family. I like to say it's 50% intelligence
(good choices) and 50% blind luck. I am so happy they are mine.


  1. Aw, lovely. I miss Elliott at that age already. (Although he's super fun at the age he is now too, lol!)They grow so fast it's frightening!
    That's a lovely picture. There's definately a special dynamic with Dads and their little girls!

  2. Thanks Portia. I love pics of these two because he is soooooo big and she is soooooo small! My little pipsqueak here has been at the bottom of the growth chart since shortly after she was born. I don't worry though; she is too smart and healthy for me to worry. Almost a year and still no teeth! We keep asking her if she'll be getting them for her birthday:) I'm with you in that I plan on enjoying all of the ages, and I like the independence that she is getting (it is nice that she can stuff food in her own mouth!) Your little guy is too cute too.


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