Monday, March 28, 2011

Tulip Poplar Honey from our Hive!



  1. OMG! Fresh honey! Fresh eggs! Fresh Yogurt! Can I live with you? That honey looks amazing.

  2. Tulip Poplar honey is my favorite! It is pretty awesome to have critters that feed you and don't require too much tending to. You can live with me if you pay rent in beautiful buttercup bags made from vintage sheets :)

  3. I've never heard of Tulip Poplar honey, but it looks fantastic. I buy local wild flower honey and it's yummy.

    Sounds like a deal. I'll pay rent with vintage sheet buttercup bags. :-D

  4. Thanks Justine!
    Cassandra, it is very similar to wildflower honey, which is why I like it! It is dark and rich. Around here, most people brag on the Sourwood honey, which is really light in color and mild in flavor. The Tulip Poplar is a tree with tulip shaped leaves (I think it flowers too). I guess it must if the bees are chowing down on it...


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