Monday, May 6, 2013

Mommy and Me Sewing Fun

My little one has been around me sewing since she was born, and she has always had some interest in what I was doing. She even has her own little sewing machine toy to play with in my sewing room. She gets fabric from the scrap drawer, decides "I'm going to make you a dress mommy," and goes to work "stitching." While she is good at and has fun pretending, I thought it might be fun for her to do the real thing and have something to show off when she was done.

So, I cut her the pieces for a simple fold over purse from a bit of felt. I punched holes in the edges where the stitches would go, and I threaded a blunt tapestry needle with yarn.

 I sat with her and reminded her on which side to put the needle in and to be careful when pulling it out. I also knotted off her threads for her. I love watching those little hands work!

And look how proud she is of her finished purse! This is a nice and simple project to do with the kiddo that is interested in sewing like a big kid. I'd like to prep an easy hat for her to sew up next! 

Did you learn to sew when very young? Or, have you taught a little one to sew? What are some other good starter projects? 


  1. What a darling girl! She did such a great job!! I can't wait to teach E to sew. I was thinking the other day that I would love to teach all of our children basic sewing skills (and more if they want!), as I believe it is a great skill to know and is very good for the brain, hand-eye coordination, and dexterity.

    One great starter sewing project is to get a piece of burlap, some yarn, and a yarn needle and do some "embroidery". The burlap grain is so big it is very easy to thread the needle in and out of. You can teach her simple stitches like running stitch and cross stitch, or let her free-style it!

    1. The burlap is a great idea! She'd love that. I'm glad that you say you'd teach them all. Of course a little boy could be very interested in what you are doing too! And I think at least being able to hem your own pants is a useful skill for anyone to have.

  2. Wow, that's awesome! And how cute. She really did a good job with the purse. I'm impressed, and it's nice to see how happy she is, too! What a great idea.

  3. Thanks Lindsay! She really likes "sewing like a big girl!" I can't wait to get her on her own little machine....but I won't wish the time away. :)


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