Saturday, January 21, 2012

New Clothing Tags for 2012

I made new tags for my home sewn garments last week, and this time I decided to go for a little camp. Let's face it; I'm campy.
The image was lifted from Butterick 6517 (my image at the Vintage Pattern Wiki), and I just used a label template on Microsoft Publisher for the layout. I printed to iron on transfer paper, and ironed the sheet on muslin before cutting it into tags. Sometimes I sew them in, but lately I have been simply fusing them with a double sided fusible web. Here is a link to my post on last year's tags.

Interestingly, I discovered I can print directly to fabric. I was wondering if it were possible, so I just starched the hell out of an 8 1/2" by 11" piece of muslin and ran it through my inkjet printer with my fingers crossed. It came through fine, without even a hint of a jam (but please don't hold me liable if you try this and your printer jams up!) Of course, without anything to seal the ink in the fabric, it washes out easily. I am thinking about experimenting with Scotch Guard spray or something of that nature to seal the ink in. I'll let you know what I come up with.....


  1. Your labels are adorable. I am inspired.

    Coincidently, I just pinned this link yesterday. It is a concoction to treat the fabric before printing that keeps the colors brighter and from fading with washing. It is similar to the BubbleJet product that quilters purchase to print on fabrics for custom quilts.

  2. Awesome!! I actually have some 'printable' fabric sheets that I will do this with (and thanks to the tip above about treating against fading.

  3. Yes! @Sewinghappyplace That sounds great! I had some alum around here somewhere- don't you put a pinch of it in meringues? And @PepperReed, I will have to look into those sheets.


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