Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hello, I've waited a long time for you....

It's finally mine!

I have been wanting McCall's 2427 for a looooooooonnnnnnnggggg time. I've bid on it once or twice before, but I can't justify paying $40+ dollars for a pattern right now, so I had to let it go. This time it sold for far less... and to moi! Sorry, does this sound like gloating?

On another related subject, can anyone tell me why I love this pattern so much? I mean, I have stalked it consistently on eBay for over a year. I posted this on Sew Retro (now We Sew Retro) back in December of 2010. I'll admit that I love camp, and this is nothing if not campy. I love the applique designs. I love how the dress is full without being a crazy, puffy circle skirt that uses excessive fabric (this is a factor in my love of early 60s styles in general). I love the browns as depicted in the pattern illustration, even if the model looks (more than) a little bit like an alien with a blonde wig.

Alas, it is mine, all mine! It has shipped, and I can't wait to get my greedy mitts all over it! Be forewarned, you might see me at Pickin' on the Square or a local bluegrass show (or at the P.O.) in this fabulous get up come summer.


  1. Holy smokes! You bought that Singer (with a Kenmore) for $5?!?!? What a beauty! I love my '47 Singer though she's not nearly as fancy as yours is. Anyways, the dress is really cute too. I that bottom detailing actually pieced into the skirt or appliqued on top? I think any farmgirl needs such a dress to go with her pearls. No sense fighting your roots. :)

    1. I did! It was a great buy. I have found that I can (too!) often pick up vintage machines on the cheap, as people often think they are broken when they are not. That machine was marked "parts" but worked just fine when properly set up. Sadly, I sacrificed its functionality for parts to repair my treadle Singer (it's exactly the same only nicer decals and it's a family heirloom.)
      And for the record, I am in awe of your mixer collection :)
      I think the details are applique.


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