Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Million Ways to Eat Eggs

O.k., maybe I'll only come up with 50 or so. Who knows. One thing is for sure- with the chickens laying again (they quit for a bit when it got cold) we have more than enough eggs to cook with. I am so glad- these eggs really are the best, though I will say when the chickens weren't laying, I found Born Free brand Free Range eggs to be better than most.

I like to incorporate these healthy eggs into a lot of our meals, as I avoid eating and cooking meat for the most part, and we must include other types of protein in our family diet. I have posted before about pudding from fresh eggs, and I thought it would be fun to post recipes and ideas for using eggs that might not be in everyone's regular rotation.  

So, to start, here is a breakfast I made for the baby and I that is easy and sure to please- Eggs in a Basket.

  1. Heat a frying pan with a pat of butter to medium heat. Don't get it too hot. 
  2. Use a cup to cut a hole in a couple slices of bread.
  3. Put the bread in the pan and crack an egg in the hole.
  4. Cook until done on one side, and flip. Continue cooking on side two until your eggs are as you like them. If you like them scrambled, I imagine you could just beat them before pouring them in.
  5. Put a pat of butter on top, and drizzle with a bit of maple syrup. Mmmmmmm.

I made ours with Pannetone, but of course, their are a million ways to switch this recipe up further- you could use a variety of breads, add cheese, add herbs and spices, garlic, onions, peppers, or sauces, such as hollandaise. Give it a crack! Oh, the terrible puns!  


  1. I love our chickens, you are right their eggs are the best. I am going to try your recipe. It looks wonderful. I have never seen Pannetone bread before it looks good. Thanks for sharing.

    1. The pannetone is good. It's an Italian holiday bread and has dried fruit in it. I love our chickens too. Can't believe they are still laying (some are a few years old, and I heard they quit after a couple years), but I guess that's how it goes when they are treated kindly.

  2. eggs are the saviuor of our house and what shall we eat tonight dilemas!

    1. Here too! Our fridge clean out meal is egg fried rice. I'll get that post up soon, if I haven't already. Sometimes I can't tell if I'm coming or going! :)


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