Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tessa's Birthday Embroidery

Here is a picture of the embrodery I just finished for my sister's
birthday. I was going to sew it into a pillow, but I may mount and
frame it for her wall instead. I was pleased with how the work came
out, as it is only my third project and the first of my design. I
first laid out the design on paper, and then I drew it on the fabric
with a "mark-b-gone" sewing marker. I was nervous that the blue marker
would not fully wash out after I had done all that work, but I simply
hand laundered the fabric in warm water, and the marks came out
immediately to reveal my colors and design. I think this is going to
be a long standing hobby for me. It's just so relaxing and convenient
to do before bed, and I delight in even minor accomplishments. And, as
I mentioned before, this is a skill that will allow me to make gifts
for loved ones instead of buying them. I hope as my skill improves
that family and friends will feel my embroidery is worth having. More
to come...


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