Wednesday, March 3, 2010

My Homemade Baby Wrap

I registered for one of these at Target, but that was a brand name
M--- wrap that was only available for purchase online, and we did not
receive it as a gift. My husband and I did receive an Eddie Bauer
carrier (which is a nice "manly" style for him), but I still wanted
this style because I thought it would make for easy and discreet
breastfeeding. After buying all the baby stuff we needed though,
things are tight, and I couldn't bring myself to purchase a sling or
wrap for $40.00. I began looking online for sling patterns, and there
are many well done and free tutorials. I browsed them all, and to my
delight found a few pages describing how to make this style wrap. I
went to Wal-Mart for some cheap fabric (even though I loathe the
place), and chose a heavyish unbleached cotton. I purchased 5 yards,
and when I got home, I cut the entire length in half on the fold line.
I tapered about 8 inches on either end to make tying easier. Then, I
used a fray stopper on all of the cut edges. Today I tie dyed the
fabric placing the heart design in the middle of it's length, as that
is the part that will be pulled up over the baby. From here, all you
need is some info on how to tie it and stow your baby, which is
available in print and in video tutorials online. All told, it cost me
about $15.00 for enough material to make two of these wraps. That's a
savings of nearly $25.00 off the price of just one store sold carrier,
and I think it came out rather pretty! Now if the baby would just move
along, I'd have someone to put in it besides the stuffed moose I took
the photograph with!


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