Saturday, February 6, 2010

What we do on Saturday nights in rural Western Carolina

There isn't a whole lot to do here in W.N.C. when it's a cold Saturday
night in winter. My husband and I are not big t.v. heads, so I have
been busying myself lately with embroidering pillow cases with printed
patterns. I plan to move on to creating my own designs after I have
learned some of the stitches. Though perhaps not very exciting, this
is a relaxing and productive hobby-even more relaxing with some good
green tea squirreled away from the Asian market that is sipped in bed.
I have come up with one nifty little trick, and that is when
separating threads, I make little snips on either side of the
cardboard that came withthe pattern. I wrap the loose threads into the
snips and around the board by color, so they stay handy, knot free,
and are ready to use when the color is again needed.


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