Thursday, February 25, 2010

Baby cows!

My husband can vouch for the fact that I am positively mad for baby
cows. I scour the herds we pass in the car for any calves, and I
unfailingly let out a yell when I see one. Today, driving to the dump
we saw, not one, but two new baby cows in this pasture. On the way
back, my husband stopped to humor my obsession, and I pulled out my
phone to take a picture. As I did, the grey brown cow put his head
down and began to push it into the head of the little brown cow with
the white face. I said "Oh, how cute! They're playing!" But as the one
young cow charged a few more times, it seemed that the other cow
didn't like it. In a moment, we saw the offended cow's mother chase
the instigator away, and the baby cow nuzzled his mother
affectionately in thanks. Awwww! If that ain't the cutest thing I've
seen in a long time! In the photo, the babies are squaring off just
left of center, and momma was just behind the white faced cow to the


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