Tuesday, February 23, 2010

At the local watering hole...literally!

Some of y'all urbanites get thirsty on a weekend and hit up your
favorite figurative "local watering hole" for a few drinks. What you
get is poison in a glass priced too high, and it leaves you feeling a
little polluted. Now, sometimes of a weekend, we run out and head over
to our local watering hole, literally. It is about ten miles from our
house, but we can't drink our well water, and we know that at over six
dollars for a 5 gallon jug, we couldn't buy water for our cooler as
cheaply as the ride runs in gas. More importantly, though, is that
this water isn't for sale. It comes from a mountain spring deep
underground, pours out of a plastic pipe a the roadside, and tastes
like no other water you've likely ever had. It is fresh and pure,
without those funny undertones that make one not want to drink water.
It is life in a glass, free, and will make you feel clean and healthy
for drinking it. Now I'm no teetotaler, and I like a glass of red wine
or a cocktail myself, but I declare this the best watering hole I've
seen or tasted from yet, and I dare you to argue with me any "morning
after." Cheers!


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