Saturday, May 10, 2014

Goodwill Finds: Fagoted Lace Dress by Dauphine

I found this dress at my local Goodwill last week. It will need a fair amount of work to be wearable again- including a dye job, a hem job, and some of the fagoted seams repaired. It appears that it was originally a sky blue color but was either bleached or somehow faded to what is now washed out white/gray. The thing that struck me about this dress in particular was that the fabric is made up entirely of strips of cotton with lace stitched on top that is joined by fagoted seams. The brand is Dauphine, and I love the simple, gold metallic weave label. If you are interested in learning more about fagoted seams, including how to stitch them by hand, check out the Coletterie post on the subject at Also, I know there is a vintage or antique Singer attachment for making these types of joinings that is a hot (read expensive!) commodity.

Does anyone else ever feel like they need to rescue these castaway garments?


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