Sunday, February 13, 2011

Chicken Love, Farm Studio, and My First Lined Skirt!

I made McCall's 4217 again- but it's not really like the pattern illustration here. 

And neither am I, even in my best pattern model pose :)
 I removed the lap from the front, moved the zipper to center back, and removed the waistband. I made a matching belt with one of my thrifted belt slides, and I lined it. Basically, I used this pattern because I knew it fit without any modification. Turns out it is now a little too big, but that's for dinner. I was all ready to sew a different pattern up, and then I measured and saw it had a ton of flare. I think this is all the flare I can stand in an a-line skirt. I got my husband to snap a few shots out by the barn.
 Then he wanted me to pose with a chicken. He tried to get me to hug it. Well, I don't hug chickens.
But I might kiss one....
The big deal for me here, as this is a very basic skirt pattern, was the lining, as well as the fact that even with all of the changes I made, I managed to put together a decent skirt. I used a bias band at the waist and simply turned it, pressed it, and slip stitched it to the lining. 

 I left the part around the zipper free. From here I will move on to a more complicated lining, but hey- you've gotta start somewhere. I know the lining is short too, but I used what was left of the pink stuff from baby's rainbow coat, and that was how long it was.

 I like how it's all crazy underneath. It's like a conservative skirt with a little secret...
 It was lovely out this weekend.
We spent some time out picnicking with bunny, and B got his practice area together in what used to be the shed.

I am so happy that he has a space now to practice what he loves to do. I took over half of the living room with my sewing stuff :)- so now he has his spot too! He plays trumpet, as well as just about everything else, and is one of those naturally talented musicians that drives all of us tone deaf people crazy. Just one of the gazillion reasons I love him!
Well, ta ta for now!

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