Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A Romp in the Garden

I am planning on doing some serious gardening this year, and as I wouldn't want to be hot or get an actual farmer's tan, I am making up some clothing appropriate for a romp in the garden.

Here is my version of McCall's 8044:

I chose view C, as I felt it was the most stylized for the era, although I have not yet attached the waist tie. I am also contemplating shoulder straps...we wouldn't want any mishaps.

This romper is rather scandalously short, as you can imagine from the side overlap and the fact that I am photographing it on the dress form. Honestly, that is kind of what I was going for, and the rabbits and chickens on the farm won't mind at all...I doubt it will bother my husband either :)! Still, for running around in I am thinking about doing an 80s meets 50s mash up and using the leftover fabric to make a basic wrap skirt with the bias tie. Hooray play suit! We'll see- I am on to a swimsuit mock up, so I never know what I will get to. Oh, and this romper cost me about 25 cents in materials to make- the fabric was free, the bias tape (I made) from a large roll that cost me 50 cents, and the elastic was free as well. I love sewing on the cheap! 


  1. Abi, this is fabulous and such a good idea!!I spend ages in the garden from Spring onwards and while it's not quite as hot here, the sun can be deceptively burn inducing!! Love the bargain cost too!
    Just an idea regarding straps, you could make them so you can tie them at the shoulders OR at the neck as a halter style. That way you could avoid the dreaded strap marks by rotating between them...
    This is just fabulous!!

  2. Oh, and by the way, I think the wrap-skirt idea is awesome!

  3. Thank you! I will get on the wrap skirt shortly. Portia, I like the idea of convertible straps. How would you recommend doing that? You are much more methodical than I am :) If I attach straps at front and back, what do I do with the back straps when it is tied halter style? Maybe I could do closures to attach the front straps at the back and just tie them when I do it halter style. Help! :)

  4. Hmmmm, (tilts head) I see your point.

    How about 2 long straps attached at the front,and either buttons or small loops attached at the back. (Or even button holes that you could tie the straps through). That way you could do awy with dangling straps altogether.

    You could then use the long front straps as halter, cross over at back and attach to buttons/loops/buttonholes or straight over the shoulders and attch to the buttons/loops/buttonholes.

    Voila, 3 way straps!


  5. I like it! I knew you'd have some ideas Portia! Now let's see what I can figure out. I'll let you know how it works out.


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