Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Haircut, New Attitude

Saturday I had one of the worst salon experiences ever. I went to
Dragonfly in Asheville (a wonderful salon with an amazingly sweet
owner), and as I didn't request a stylist, I got L- the grumpiest,
most know it all hairdresser I've seen yet. I brought a photo, and she
said what I have heard before. "Wow. Dat vury short." (L is from the
Ukraine.) Yes hair cutters. I know this. The photo shows short hair,
because I want short hair. Well, she told me all about what I wanted,
and then cut my hair her way, and then seemed miffed about spending
the extra half hour as I told her to please shorten, thin, and layer
it more. Well, despite her best efforts to the contrary, L gave me a
cut I really like. If only the cutting had been pleasant! I left
feeling totally stressed out, and she didn't give me the good Aveda
scalp massage they usually do. Hmmph. And to clarify, I don't have any
problem with immigrants, or people who are learning to speak English,
however, in the future I won't let someone who can't understand me cut
my hair. I think that is one service where it is reasonable to
discriminate a bit. Anyway, thanks L. Next time skip the lecture you
gave me on how I said "chunky" when I should have said "short layers."

Wait, did I just write a bitchy rant about the lady who cut my hair?
Okay, maybe it's the same old me- calling it as I see it, but now I
can do it more stylishly! :)


  1. Sometimes we need to vent. I have long hair and I dread getting it cut because I fear it's gonna get chopped wrong. I'll suck it up maybe twice a year to get it cleaned up, but Ay it's a stressful task. Even though I usually go to the same person, since I'm not like a six week regular I'm not remembered. But in the end if the hair cut is what you wanted it's a happy feeling especially since your hair feels so fluffy and soft (since all the dried ends are cut off).

    Your hair cut looks very cute. I love bangs even though I don't sport them.

  2. Your hair looks cute!
    I have very long, heavy, weavy hair and I let only my sister to cut it! The problem is she lives in London!!!

  3. Love it. Suits you. Good on you!! I HATE it when people tell me what I want, as if I don't know!

  4. I love the cut, it really suits you. I think I will cut mine short after my wedding!

    I hate going to get my hair cut (I have long hair right now) and am a hairdressers worst nightmare - I CUT MY OWN HAIR! I'm never happy with salon hair cuts, and have spent ALOT of money at fancy salons. Screw that! I've got lots of sharp scissors in my sewing drawer ;)

  5. Thanks ladies! Gosh, what a hag she was! Seriously! But all's well that ends well. I only get my hair cut a couple of times a year also, and I have been going to this salon when we visit the city to get it cut because I live in the sticks (I don't want a mullet!), It is an Aveda salon, which is usually good. I figure since I go infrequently and don't color my hair, $50-$100 at the salon per year isn't bad...but I want it to be relaxing! Anyway- from now on it's wash and go, a little spray wax, and my husband loves it short too so it's win/win!
    I appreciate the kind words :)


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