Tuesday, November 2, 2010

This Mixer Cover was not Made in China

I sewed a new mixer cover for my trusty Kitchenaid this evening using
reclaimed vintage bed cover fabric with adorable hand stitched
appliqué birds and flowers on it. I used Simplicity (?) 9532 because I
have it, but the cover came out a bit too baggy, so I am going to
draft a basic pattern of my own. I will have these and toaster covers
in my new Etsy shop, which will be up and running soon under the
Farmhouse Garden name.

This year for Christmas and from now on in general B and I plan to
avoid buying cheap wares that were made in China and instead buy local
and handmade goods. I also plan to make gifts as much as possible from
now on, but as I am only one woman with two arms, I am sure I will be
buying some things. Luckily, in our town we have an amazing shop
filled with goodies made by local artists and crafters. And of course
there is, which you must check out if you are not already
familiar with the site. I am always in awe of the creative genius of
others when I browse
Anyway, B makes a good point. To some extent, the current recession
was made in China- as long as we refuse to pay fair prices for the
goods we buy, we will continue to fill our houses with disposable, low
quality crap that was made by underpaid workers on the other side of
the world. And we will continue to send our nation's wealth in
exchange for it.

I will post some more photos and stories soon! We have had fun company
for the last couple weeks, and I have had some awesome thrifting luck-
I mean, really, stars aligned, green clovers, rabbit feet, amazing
thrifting luck. More about that to come, as well as A's first
Halloween photos...


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