Friday, November 12, 2010

Baby's Technicolor Dreamcoat

  I have been working on a jacket for Baby A. It is fleece, fully interlined with cotton batting, and lined with a high end hot pink lining I found thrifting. I wish I had done this before I began the attempt at my own trench coat- you can learn a lot sewing a garment in miniature! I had the realization today that I can sew for Baby A using near scraps of fabric that I would certainly not be able to use for full sized garments. Also, I can try out techniques. For instance this coat is being made from a modified (shortened) onesie/bunting pattern. There was therefore not a lining pattern, so I drafted my own using Sewaholic's instructions on the blog Tilly and the Buttons. It worked out beautifully, as you can see. I ended up with a bit if excess lining at the neckline, but too much is not a problem. I will hide it under the neck facing. To finish up, I just need to attach a coat zipper and stitch the lining in. I am excited to finish, and it has been getting chilly around here. Oh yeah- and this all came about as part of Papa's hang up with items made in China. Try finding a baby's coat that isn't! I will have the snug pose for us when her new little dreamcoat is complete!

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