Friday, November 5, 2010

Recycling the Christmas Spirit

Yesterday I found a beautiful Pendelton Wool plaid skirt suit at the
thrift store. Unfortunately, this beautiful skirt and blazer had seen
much better days- moths had found the suit out in a forgotten closet
somewhere, and the holes they had eaten in it ensured that it would
never be worn again. Sad. I'll admit, for 3 dollars, I didn't look too
closely. It was only upon returning home that I realized I had
purchased an unwearable suit. I was bummed, but again, I was only out
three dollars. Then, I decided to challenge myself with that suit.
What could I make with what was left of that gorgeous wool fabric?
Stockings. I made three Christmas stockings. One for me, one for Papa
Bear, and one for Baby Bear. They came out very nicely- I utilized
features that were part of the skirt: the hem became the stocking
tops; the lining hem became the loops from which to hang the
stockings, and the lining also became the patches to cover the few
remaining moth holes. I considered embroidering our names on them, but
in the end I used fabric paint and stencils cut from card stock with
an exacto. The font is "Diner." I am quite happy with the stockings,
and I can't wait to fill them with special little gifts for the loves
of my life.


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