Thursday, September 9, 2010

More Farm Minutiae

I cannot believe it is September already! The last few days we have had highs of 80 or so, and lows in the fifties. The air is off, and the windows are open, and this is why we love the mountains of North Carolina. 

B's dad and stepmom came for a visit, and we enjoyed having four extra baby carrying arms around the farm. We also enjoyed their wonderful company, of course! 

Two days ago, B and his dad went down to pull a frame out of our beehive, and B says we have a super (the wooden box the honey frames are kept in) absolutely full off honey. Our bees made about 75 lbs. of honey last year, and we were hoping for a good haul this year too. Here is a photo of B and his dad with the frame they pulled:

Note the socks! Nerf herdery is hereditary!

They harvested the honey just in time to use it as a topping for the fresh yogurt I have made with my thrifted Salton yogurt maker. 

Action shot of me pouring hot milk! Exciting process! 

  Yes, we used a salad spinner to remove the honey from the comb. Sometimes, you have to improvise. The fresh yogurt with our own honey is so tangy-sweet and delicious. I have never had yogurt this good- but that is almost always the case with food made at home from high quality ingredients. I burned the milk slightly on the first batch I tried to make, but I turned it into yogurt anyway. Our chickens are totally spoiled, and I have read that yogurt helps them clear their crops. 

  I have been working on my sew along pattern in Swedish tracing paper. It needed a good deal of alteration, as I bought a size 39 bust for my 36 inch self. I took my trench in on the sides and center back, and I lengthened the bust dart and moved the apex. I also shortened the waist, and I still need to shorten the arms as well as add some room for broad shoulders. Then I think we will be in business. I know it is a "sew along," but I always like to get a head start on a big project.  I was planning on sewing a navy trench, but the lady at the fabric store confused me with a nice, medium weight khaki twill. I was plagued by horrible indecision until I realized that I can always sew both colors! I went back to the fabric store yesterday and bought 4 yards of khaki stretch jacquard. It is feminine and has interest, but is still simple and classic. I tried to post a photo several different ways, but for some reason it is not working. Here is the link to the whole photo pool, and I am Abbymomma. I am really excited about this sew along!
  Well, I've been trying to post this for a couple days, but the internet has been fudgy, so here goes. We planted our small fall garden; I will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about that soon! 


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