Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Freedom is a Back Carry! Insane Corn! Other Unrelated Bits!

How do you get anything done with a 5 month old?

  Hells yeah! I finally got it! I got Arabel safely on my back, and, as you can see, I am doing something with corn! It is amazing! I don't quite know how to handle this new freedom. Arabel loves to be up high looking over my shoulders while I fudge around the house. I could carry her in the sling before, but she was always in front of or beside me, so that made cooking, cleaning, and other tasks virtually impossible. Now I have no more excuses for not getting crap done! Well, I still have a few saved up. I mean, I can't just leave her up there all of the time. 
  By the way, that corn...that corn was...that corn was I have never felt this way about corn before. I mean, I have always loved corn. I have just never had any that was this good. This is the BEST CORN IN THE WORLD! Yes, I said it. And I have eaten a lot of corn as a New England lobster baker, steamer type person. I have also eaten a  lot of potato salad, but that is another subject entirely. The Silver Queen corn at Osage Farms is ecstasy on the cob. You may think that I am being dramatic, or that I have just run out of things to take interest in because we live in a podunk town. That's fine. More corn for me. We scalded 8 ears and set them aside in the freezer using our handy dandy vacuum sealer. We also froze a couple of jars of pasta sauce yesterday from the 25 lbs. of tomatoes we bought. We got a bag of the first fall apples that is almost gone (delicious!). I bought another bag of peaches to do round two on the peach jam. Oh, and B got some okra for pickling, cause it is the shizzle.
  All of this fall eating and fooding around is really one of the best things about where we live. You come eat here, and you are spoiled for life! You would never again buy those big, shiny- red, grainy apples from the grocery store. I like mine ugly and misshapen; hold the wax please... and a little flavor if you don't mind. And it is the same way with all of the other goodies you buy. I am most excited for the pumpkins, which I was told at the farm stand would be along in a couple of weeks. They get an amazing selection of sizes, shapes, and colors. I will take pictures when we get over to buy some.
  In the wonderful world of chickens, B had to corral the birds and lock them up, as they were taking the liberty of laying eggs all over creation. It's a little weird to open your back door and find your chicken nested up on your porch furniture. Your first thought is, "Oh! Excuse me! Am I interrupting something?" And then you remember it's a chicken, and it's laying an egg in your chair, and you have to scare it away with a squirt bottle. That's what I do anyway. They were also laying on the workbench in the shed, and we have a feeling that there is a large nest hidden somewhere in the yard. We don't pay them to lay eggs for possums. So, it's jail time for the chips.  
   So, that's about it. We are busy, busy, busy with a whole lot of nothing. That's how we like it. As it gets cooler, like it was yesterday, it gets so much easier to get work done around here. We are looking for some visitors in the near future, and then we are on the countdown to Thanksgiving. Well, now that I have written all about the trivial little nothings going on around here, I'd better get going. I'll post again when I actually have something to write about. Until then....  


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