Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Visits, and Hiking, and Food, oh my!

  We have been busy as little bees around here lately- we have had several wonderful visits with friends and family, and we have just been enjoying summer around the farm. When we are awake, that is. Having a four month old still means a significant amount of sleep deprivation, so I have not yet gotten out to pick berries or do several countless other projects that I had planned for this summer.
  I have gotten a few more little dresses sewed with my MIL's help, and I am working toward a goal of 24 to send to an orphanage in Africa this September. MIL brought bags of material for repurposing and beautiful notions from our late Grandma's house. Grandma would smile to know that her lace trimmings and well kept curtains will find new lives as beautiful dresses for little African girls.
  Last week, we had a wonderful hike up Whiteside Mountain with our little bunny tied to me in our wrap. It was her second hike, and she did wonderfully until she fell asleep. It was strenuous for me, but I am hoping carrying her will help me get back into my former shape. Here is a photo of the family:

  In other news, I will be the big THREE-OH in just a few short days. I asked my poppa for some lobsters, and he sent a ton as usual. I'm not complaining. We ate lobster for lunch and dinner for two days, then had lobster alfredo for dinner the next day, froze a bunch, and now my exclusively breastfed baby has hives. I hope it was not the lobster; it is going to be so hard to be present for the lobster feasts in her future if she is allergic.


  I guess I will lay off shellfish for the time being, and I had so many good meals planned! I even froze some shells for bisque. As the MIL says, "oh well." I just want bunny to be happy and healthy. That's the news for now! I have plenty more to write- but I'm going to bed and will catch up later. Did I mention I am tired?


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