Monday, August 30, 2010

East Meets West for Her- Another Vintage Sewing Project

I wanted to drop a quick post with some photos of a vintage wrap shirt I just finished up. I sewed Butterick 2853 from the early sixties in a soft black knit jersey. Due to the finished length (short, short, short!) this would either be more of a shrug, or would need to be worn with a tank. That is, unless you wear extremely high waisted pants or a skirt to meet the hem on it's own territory! I think the tucks are beautiful, and I intend to alter the pattern some for a second go. It will need about four inches added to the length to meet the lower waisted jeans we wear in 2010, and I did remove about an inch of fabric on the top seam of each sleeve; they were far too baggy. Overall though, this was a pretty easy sew, and the knit fabric, though kind of a pain as knits always are, hid all of my little mistakes quite nicely! Here are some shots:

I think this is a beautiful pattern, and will make some cozy fall blouses in a slightly heavier knit. I found one for 50 cents at the thrift store the other day that I intend to use for the next sew up of this shirt. Now, it's time for bed!


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