Saturday, September 18, 2010

Falling Hard for Pumpkins and Apples

Pumpkins and apples are in at Osage Farms, and I went a little overboard today on the shopping. I told B that we could consider all of the pumpkins edible fall decorations. Don't you think he should be thrilled to have such a practical wife? We did, in fact, eat a sugar pie pumpkin for dinner tonight along with quinoa, fresh steamed turnips, and apples baked in my clay baker.
  It's like my kind of Christmas when they get pumpkins at the stand. I get so excited about the options and the variety! I mean, check these out:

There are warty ones

There are Long Island Cheese
There's another kind of cheese... :)

There are pretty white pumpkins
Striped ones...
Watermelon-ish pumpkins...

Cinderellas, which are among my favorites

Some cool green ones that must be good! 

Delicious petite sugar pies

I bought one of these green beauties!

Carvers aplenty!
A nice man offered to get our family photo in the pumpkin patch:

"Back in the old days," he said "we had to take our film in to have it developed! I didn't hear it click..."

There you go ol' man! Way to work the iPhone!
I'm sure there will be even more in the weeks to come, because I did not see any Vif de Temps pumkins, and they have always had them in previous years. 

Then, there are the many types of squash. Here are a couple favorites:

Hubbard squash is soooooo good. Mmmm.
There were more winter squash inside that I forgot to photograph, but you know them well- butternut, acorn...I didn't see any spaghetti yet. I did see tons of lovely decorative gourds though:

A cute gourd and an even cuter pumkin!

And just when I thought it couldn't get any better...Apples!

  These aren't those enormous picture perfect, shiny (waxed), red apples. These are ugly and delicious!

  So, if you can't tell, autumn is my favorite season of the year. Here we get to see the leaves change and fall (they have already begun), the weather gets mellow and dry, some of the summer tourists go home. Western North Carolina is exceptionally beautiful all of the time, but this is particularly true in autumn when the mountains are awash in the yellows, oranges, browns and golds of dying leaves. 

  Okay, okay! Enough about autumn- 
Ugh! B! You are not eating that apple without washing it, are you?


  1. Soooo jealous of the harvest bounty you have access to! I live in the mountains of Central Washington state, and we have short growing seasons--lots of apples though, LOL.

    What a great day for you and your lil punkin.

  2. I used to live in ME, so I know what you mean. It is really nice here- we get all of the seasons, but the cold weather is mild. We had peppers in the garden well into Nov. last year!


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