Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Latest Greatest Thrifted Vintage Loot

I went out thrifting the other day as I do a couple of times a week to find goods to eBay (and feed my sewing addiction), and I found some really neat vintage stuff. I rooted through the knitting pamphlets, which I usually am not interested in doing, and found some great old pattern books I intend to send to family members who knit. Check out these styles... sorry about the blur.

Plaid mini with knee-high boots! Perfect!
White nail polish! How posh!
These two are just too cute!

Nice sweater, guy.

Those two are from 1965 and 1966. Here is a real find- a pattern book from '54!

Ooh la la! Love the bolero!

Imagine the undergarments required to do that to your waist!
"Quick! Get the shot before I pass out!"
The Bernat book is a bit wrinkly, but for 25 cents it was worth buying just to share the great photos. 

Next, I meandered over to the place where the sewing books are usually kept. Here I found more treasures.

From 1940 and in fabulous condition!

This info on cuffs reminded me of the article on Chanel's cuff variation in the recent issue of Threads  

Inside the orange book, I found a recipe tear out from Better Homes and Gardens dated 1947 and a tape measure marked Compliments of the Fashion Department- Woman's Home Companion. The monthly magazine was published until 1957. 

I also found a McCall's sewing book from 1965.

Heaven knows I could use help styling my wardrobe!

 All of the paper finds were very cool, and like I said, they were a quarter each! Even the sewing guides! So, needless to say, I left the store feeling particularly satisfied that I had scored some more goodies to hoard. Then, at the next shop, I found these- the whole lot of them- for 75 cents!

Too cute, right?! Okay, enough gloating for one day! I found a couple of other things, but lest you think I am a total pack rat, I am keeping them to myself!


  1. soooo jealous!! the books are fantastic but then to find the belt buckles is amazing thrifting luck!

  2. Wow, I love the old sewing books. One can never have too many. Great finds, thanks for sharing with us!

  3. I keep telling my husband one can never have too many old sewing books! :P I have really good thrifting luck here. I am excited to make up some belts with those cute slides!


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