Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Fruits of His Labor

I am by nature a bit of a control freak. I admit it. It is something I struggle with frequently, especially in regards to my husband. I often catch myself saying, in one way or another, that there is only one right way to do a thing, and it just so happens that the way I would do it is the right way. With the birth of my daughter this year, I had to relenquish the garden duties to my husband. I have planted most of what went into our last two gardens, and I am an obsessive reader on any subject that interests me, so I read a lot about how to cultivate our food crops. My husband is a bit more intuitive...yeah, we'll just say that. Anyway, I have had a really difficult time letting this go- our baby is nursing frequently, and often cries to be held; she is still so small, and I know she needs me more than the garden does. I have stood out in the garden and directed planting and chores on occassion- my husband is a very patient man who loves me a lot! Anyway, things have not all been done my way, but yesterday I went out back to pull some root veggies and voila! They were there, they were beautiful, and they were delicious! B successfully grew them, as well as spinach and lettuce, which we have already enjoyed. I am sure the corn, potatoes, beans, cucs, squash, and anything else he plants will fare as well, though he didn't plant it exactly as I would have in regards to timing, placement, etc. Good job honey! And now, for humility's sake, I will open mouth and insert carrot.


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