Saturday, June 19, 2010

Asian-Farm Fusion

If my husband and I ever strike it rich, we have agreed that we would
not hire a chef, but instead hire someone to clean up after our own
cooking. Tonight we made an Asian feast that included some of our
fresh organic veggies. I wasn't crazy about our miso, but everything
else was fabulous. We made soba noodles that we stirred fresh chopped
beets and spinach into with a little olive oil; we seared tuna in the
red pepper flake oil that I made a few months ago; and we pleased
ourselves greatly with raw sweet potato, onion, and cabbage spring
rolls dipped in a delicious sauce that I made from soy, ac vinegar,
garlic, ginger, chili powder, lemongrass powder, and sugar. I love raw
foods, and I plan on returning to a pescaterian diet now that I am no
longer pregnant. Summer eating is the best!


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