Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Who are you callin' Big Mouth?

As y'all know, I like to thrift. As part of our daily/weekly routine the baby and I make our regular rounds. All of the nice little old ladies who volunteer in the shops dote over her, and she gets to root through the toy bins. I buy mostly patterns, fabric, vintage clothes, clothes for the kid, and sometimes sewing machines (yikes!), but I also try to keep an eye out for things that are just unusual to list in my Etsy shop or on eBay. Last week, I found this.....

Neat, huh? It's a Rolling Stones Big Mouth Phone circa early 1980s. Circa my birth. It's vintage now. Ancient history. You remember though, right? Remember the days when phones used to be attached to the wall instead of attached to our heads? Yuk yuk.

Anyway, I knew I'd never seen one of these before, so I bought it. I put it up on eBay and it sold in a hot minute! Guess there are some hardcore Stones fans out there. I like them myself, and sometimes we could all use some Mother's Little Helper, eh? Like today when the hubby worked way late and everything the baby said she said not once but 25 times. "You thirsty Mommy? You thirsty? You drinkin' water Mommy? You thirsty Mommy? Is that your water Mommy? You got some water mommy?" Gosh, I love that kid, and she wears me out! "What a drag it is gettin' old......." On this note, I'm off to bed.....


  1. I love that phone great find.

    One time I was flipping through the channels and saw Cujo was on, and it was the scene where he's attacking the car with the mom and son inside it, and my kids were "why don't they just call someone for help?" I laughed and told them because phones used to be attach to walls. There were no cell phones and couldn't call from their car. HaHa. :-)

  2. Thanks Cassandra! That is so funny with the kids. I recently saw a ton of telephone tables in an antique shop- you know, the ones with the chair, the table for the phone and the cubby for the phone book. PHONE BOOK? Some technology just seems to change so rapidly...or maybe that's what we all say when we get OLD! :)


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