Friday, April 20, 2012

Don't cry, Nancy Boy- The 100 Push Up Challenge

A couple of months ago, I was joking with my husband. We had taken on a daily regimen of push ups, and I came up with an idea. "Wouldn't it be funny if I challenged dudes to match me in a push up contest, and I had practiced enough that I could totally lick them and make them cry? You know, like they'd do 30 push ups and feel cool, and then I'd do a hundred consecutive and squash their manly egos to smithereens. Plus, I would bet them money. Wouldn't that be funny honey?" Sometimes I'm not exactly nice and also extremely juvenile.

"Muhhhrrrr." My husband replied. Often in his responses he sounds like a cow put out to pasture.

Anyway. I'm going for it. I started the 100 Push Up Challenge yesterday. The first thing you do is test your max, and I can do about 35 consecutive push ups already (no, not from the knees), so I start at week 3.

It's a 6 week program, so in 3 more weeks I hope to be crushing little male egos right and left, and also raking in the dough. Yeah.

And really, it's not about crushing male egos. That would just be an added benefit. It's about being my personal best. Anyone who would care to join me is more than welcome.


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