Monday, April 16, 2012

Overnight Camp at Standing Indian

Last Saturday, we threw our jammies and some food in the camper and rolled off for a relaxing night camping at Standing Indian Campground in Nantahala National Forest. 
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Now I've heard my sister and others question the fun of camping- what's there to love about  reeking of campfire smoke, cooking over a fire pit, getting dirty, fending off bugs, and sleeping in a little box? I'll tell ya. Some of us.....okay me, I have a really hard time slowing down. I am often doing a million things at once- entertaining a two year old, cleaning house, working on my Etsy shop, sewing, trying to maintain some personal hygiene (my nails used to be so beautiful!), etc. etc. When we go camping, the "house" I clean is only 10 feet by 7 feet, the cooking is often done in just one pot, the baby entertains herself by filling cups with gravel and dumping them over her head, and I can just forget about all of the "productive" stuff I could be doing if I were home. Of course, I did bring my embroidery and ukulele.... 

Here are some shots of our fun.
Turkey, rice, broth, garlic, onions, spices, and lemon. This cooked to perfection in about an hour. 

Putting rocks down her pants for fun

A quick set up

Setting a simple table

My man was a Boy Scout


Jiffy Pop! We like food. 

The little one was sooooo tired. She went right to sleep without any fuss. 

Standing Indian campground was great, and although we were only there for a night this time, I know that there is plenty to do and see out there, as we have hiked out to Big Laurel Falls as well as a couple others that are close by, and we always like to visit Albert Mountain on the A.T (check out this panoramic view from the tower! Yes, I live in this beautiful place! Yipeee!) We'll be headed back very soon. 

How about you? Do you like to camp out? Or do you prefer the great outdoors in smaller doses?


  1. Wonderful, I love camping and I'm waiting for it to be warm enough at night so we can have those last minute dash that takes us to a different place (always embrodery or quilting to hand)

    1. It's nice to have a travelling project, although my embroidery does reek of campfire now! ;P

  2. How fun!! I adore camping and being out in nature. It really is the perfect way to regain sense of peace and rest, and to remember what really matters in life.

    Oh, and I am extremely jealous of your awesome camper! My husband and I have always wanted to get an old camper and fix it up like you guys did. :) Perhaps someday we will...

    1. I'll tell ya Bessie- It's not for the faint of heart! But, raising goats and sewing a gazillion eyelets and such, I'm sure you guys would be fine! It's worth it in the end. I mean, maybe not monetarily, but there's a lot of peace of mind in knowing that your old camper is freshly wired, etc. etc.


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