Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I Won the Blue Gardenia Giveaway! And Denise was Right- I am so Excited!

Denise over at The Blue Gardenia Blog and The Blue Gardenia Shop hosted a wonderful giveaway for a Parfait from Colette patterns, as well as some lovely leopard print fabric, nail polish, and a Reader's Digest Sewing Guide, and I won the fab loot!

Thanks a million to Denise as well as the ladies at Colette Patterns for spreading the sewing love around.

Also, anyone who has not yet or has not recently checked out Denise's blog and the patterns at The Blue Gardenia needs to go have a look-see. Denise stocks some exquisite, rare, and lovely vintage pattern eye candy as well as fab vintage costume jewelry. Her patterns are all checked and counted, so you don't run the risk of being disappointed by a missing piece, and she provides free shipping in the U.S.
Isn't this lovely? See what I mean?
The Colette peeps have recently released their new line of lovely patterns for fall, and have a fun blog as well with sewing tips, methods, and inspiration. I've had my eye on Clover trousers for fall.
So, thanks again!

I am very ready to get back to sewing now that I am home from my little sister's wedding in Maine. I made dresses for the baby and I, and I will post pics and such as soon as possible. Until then....


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