Friday, March 15, 2013

Alternative to Google Reader

I posted a link as required to set up with Bloglovin', but once there found that I didn't love the format. I also tried a feed reader called Spundge, which I found difficult to set up and, again, with a format I didn't care for. If you are looking for a new feed reader to replace Google Reader, I suggest trying Feedly. It can automatically transfer all of your subscriptions with the push of a button. Once you are set up, if you'd like a view similar to your old Google Reader layout with full articles instead of snips, go to the settings cog and choose "full article" like this-

You can still follow me with Bloglovin' if you want, or however you want to! I appreciate that anyone takes the time to read this blog, and I love comments. So, thanks. I hope this helped, as I know I was flummoxed as to how to replace Google Reader. 


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