Sunday, November 4, 2012

Smoke signals

Hello! Here I am! I am a major blog slacker. I have absolutely no reason for not writing. I started posts many times. I just didn't feel motivated to complete them. However, I have been sewing a lot and doing a lot of little projects around the homestead. I'm going to try to ease myself back in here by writing shorter posts more frequently.

Anyway, here is my finished wrap dress that I asked about like five years ago.

I decided to keep the pocket but remove the trim from it. I like how it turned out. It is easy to wear and comfy, great for doing house work. Here is what I look like doing house work. 
It has been so outrageously long since I posted, that about a month ago we completed the refinish on the cabinets that are without doors behind me, and we also put a coat of that Rustoleum paint on our pink counters. Here is an after shot:
This was a major improvement. The cabinets are great. The counter paint chips, but I'll take chipped cream over faded rose pink any day. 

Finally, to complete this loosely linked, random series of photographs, here is a pic of my Halloween sweetie dressed as Scooby Doo.
I have finally been getting some compensation for the many sleepless nights since she was born in the form of all of her best Halloween candy bars. I love that little pup. 

I hope everyone is doing alright in the aftermath of that crazy storm. So long for now...


  1. I have that pattern! I should get off my butt and sew it. Yours looks great! Did you make the Scooby Doo costume too?

    1. Thanks Amy! I'd love to see a version by you. I didn't make the Scooby costume- I bought it at the thrift. Shocker, right?


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