Monday, August 27, 2012

This. Is. A Radio Test.

I didn't drop off the face of the Earth, but my family did move to a very rural new home, and we were without home internet service for the last two months. Yes, in 2012. 

So, we no longer live on that 13 acre farm. We now live on a modest home on one acre shaded by lovely, mature tulip poplar trees. There is a rushing creek across the street from our new home, and you can hear it from our big ol' front deck or even in bed on nights when the crickets aren't chirping too loud. There are lots of wildflowers and worms, and we hope to do some planting in terraced boxes in the spring. We really love our new house and feel so fortunate to be living here.
A photo of our home viewed from the dirt road in front.
 Courtesy of Jonathan Wilson
This picture gives a good idea of the feel of the land- the light in much of the front and left side-yard is filtered, and it helps create a serene, early morning atmosphere through much of the day. 

We have done a lot of painting, cleaning, etc. on the inside, and the outside shingles and deck still need to be re-stained. I will post some before and after shots when I can get them together. We have also done some work on the landscaping, which was nicely done but overgrown. 

We have a fenced back yard for the little one, and a laundry chute, and a basement man cave for my hub, and nice big windows to look out of, and all of that is very well and very good, but one of the best things about our new house, for me, is that I have my very own sewing studio. It's a finished room in the basement, and it still needs a little de-musting, but it's big, it's mine, and it's awesome. I am still getting it together, but I will definitely post pics when I do. 

In the meantime, my next post will have pics of my first completed sewing project, a franken-patterned strapless sweetheart mini dress that I made to wear out with my hubby love on our 5th wedding anniversary last Saturday. But more on that to come.......and it won't be two months! 


  1. Wow, how exciting! Congrats on your new home! Sounds absolutely dreamy. :D Can't wait to see before and after pics--that is something I have been meaning to do ever since we moved in a year and a half ago, lol.

  2. Ohhhh the woodsey home looks picturesque. Gorgeous!

  3. well hello, what an amazing place, you lucky things. We look forward to seeing more. Welcome back.

  4. Thanks a lot ladies! It's good to be back :)


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