Thursday, May 24, 2012

Krazy Kitchen Gift Embroidery

I have been working on this trio of kitchen hand towels for-ev-er. I did a lot of embroidery when I was pregnant, but now I usually embroider only at times when I can't sew. Like in the car. Eeeek. They are a wedding present and long overdue (although well within the acceptable one year.) Still, I really like how they are coming along.

I used a very nice quality, sturdy vintage flat sheet to make the towels, which I narrowly hemmed on the featherweight. I downloaded the Krazy Kitchen embroidery pattern pdf from Sublime Stitching, and I traced the motifs I wanted on my towels with iron on transfer pencil in my desired placement. I pressed the patterns on the fabric, chose my colors, and here's what I came up with.

 The silly patterns are based on the known fact that the bride does not like to cook. In her last house, there was a small window in the kitchen, and she joked that they had their own delivery window for take out.
I forgot the handle on the blender. Doh! I'll go back and fix that. 

The flaming pan was fun to make! I used a stem stitch for licking flame texture that the back stitch could not provide.  
In progress. I have a pistachio mixer that I love! The cupcake will be frosted in pink. 
I just love Sublime Stitching. The patterns are soooooo cute. I actually got totally distracted by browsing patterns while I was getting the links for this post. Next I want to stitch some cute little camper accessories with Camp Out.

So, do you embroider? Have you ever used any Sublime Stitching patterns?


  1. How cute!! I love embroidery. Hand sewing has always been one of my favorite things to do. I haven't ever used anything from Sublime--I'll have to check that out. :) Your friend will love her towels!

    1. Sublime Stitching is great! The designs are wonderful, and you can have transfers mailed or do the instant gratification download, which I love. Don't forget to check out the freebie pattern!

  2. I've recently gotten back into embroidery. Bought the "Days of the Week" transfers. Yikes! Seven towels right off the bat! But with that many in the drawer (assuming they'll get there), I won't feel bad about a stain or two.

    1. I'm sure yours will be lovely! I want to do a set for us too. I thought it would be a great camping project when bringing the sewing machine along just wouldn't be practical! ;P


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