Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Toxin Free Personal Care

I am really serious about keeping my house low chemical and low toxin, as I have written before here and here. I do this because whatever we spray and wipe around our houses ends up in us too, and it seems to make sense that limiting exposure to toxic chemicals in various combinations is a good plan for our familial health and well being. Well, if I am going to be so concerned about what gets in my body through secondary routes, then I ought to be careful about what I am applying directly, no? Here are a couple of my favorite daily hygiene products. I am not getting any kick backs, but would welcome them.

Eco-Dent tooth powders work very well. The whitening tooth powder does whiten, and they clean your mouth well with mild abrasion. There is no fluoride in the powder, and though I recognize the benefits of fluoride, I don't think it's necessary for adults (or babies) to have it in all of their oral hygiene products.

The other that I use every day is Alvera Aloe and Almonds deodorant. I searched long and hard for many years to find a natural alternative to the high powered antiperspirants that are on the market today. I didn't want to slather myself daily with a product laden with aluminum and parabens (Why? Google parabens and breast cancer. I'd rather just cross it off of my list of things to be paranoid about.) My father-in-law showed me this brand, and it actually works. So, just because I don't want to put powerful chemicals on my body every day, doesn't mean I have to stink.

I just noticed the other day as I was running through my morning routine, that neither of these products has a warning label on it. If it doesn't need a warning label, that is a good thing. I am still not planning on drinking or eating either of these, but it's good to know that if the baby gets into them, she'll likely just have really, really fresh breath.


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