Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Sewing Catch Up

Here are a few projects I completed but never posted on.

For the babe:
Simplicity 6473 in 1966
Simplicity 6473 in 2011

She has another jumper coming in grey and pink plaid.
Next up, Simplicity 6583 (pants) in 1974
Simplicity 6583 in 2011

I lined these in white cotton flannel for warmth. Lucky kid.

And a few items for moi:
Lisette for Simplicity # 2246 Traveler shirt dress. This is a rare modern pattern for me.
Image courtesy of Pattern Review
I used a similar fabric. Sorry about the kitchen shots- I never got around to an outside photo of this one.
I like this pattern, and the fit is mostly good, but it is bizarrely small in the shoulders/armscyes, and I am disproportionately small through the upper chest, so it is weirdly drafted.

Moving on, I made a knit dress in early January.
Copyright 1980, it is only just as vintage as I am. 
It also has a blouse option, and I think I will sew it. Simplicity 9521 is a nice, versatile, simple pattern. 
Butterick 6517 is not so nice.
I have made it twice, and I won't wear either version. The second time I tweaked the fit with my bodice sloper and sewed it in a drapier faille, and it was still bad. I think the sizing is way off, and that tab is a major p.i.t.a. and just wants to be puckery.
I made a Meringue by Colette Patterns along with the Sew Colette group, and it came out okay, though I don't love it. I feel matronly saying so, but I almost think a scalloped mini is a little too young for me. And I needed to grade down a few sizes at the hips- it bells. 
Just before this skirt, I sewed a 60s shift dress from Simplicity 5960. 

I actually really like this dress, but I think I will like it best in summer with a pair of sandals and no hose or slip. I made cording and hand stitched it at the neckline, I piped both pockets, and I stitched the bias at the hem. Fun, fun!

I am in the process of finishing this leopard print dress that I fitted with my bodice sloper (which was awesome and easy!), and I like the fit on top a lot. The pattern is Simplicity 4491, and the fit is a lot better than the first time I made it.
It is day dressy- it fits my shape but without being so snug that I will get uncomfortable wearing it. 
I also started four pairs of skivvies and made a couple pairs of slippers. Sheesh. I have been a busy bee. 

Now that I am all up to date on what I've been sewing, I've got a few pics of the spiffy new-to-me machine I've been sewing on.
 I bought it a couple of weeks ago, and although it needed a little tuning up when I received it, it now sews a perfect stitch. It was advertised as having been serviced and being in perfect working order, and at a good price. I snapped it up, and when I pulled it out of it's purty case and started poking around, I found this.

The thread was all tangled up around the bobbin case. I emailed the seller, who is very sweet, and she immediately refunded me the cost of a having it serviced. I am so glad she was so easy to do business with. The machine got a thorough servicing, a new motor pulley, and a clean up/tune up on the motor. I DID THAT MYSELF! Well, my husband helped some (he made me say that). It was a bit sluggish before, but now she really hums along, and I see what all of the fuss is about. This thing sews a lovely, perfectly balanced stitch. The tension isn't fussy, and the small size somehow improves the ergonomics for me- I have had less sewing fatigue and shoulder soreness. Plus, this machine is just beautiful!

Sadly, my trusty Kenmore is now playing a sort of second fiddle. I am keeping it, as it is a reliable and versatile machine. I still need a zig-zag, man (that's for my husband). But, I didn't want to just shove it up on the shelf and make it all jealous of the new beauty in the house. So, I spruced up the hard case.

I spray painted it and modge podged pattern pieces and pattern cover art (copies- I love you, Vintage Pattern Wiki) over the paint. Now the Kenmore has some style too, and it is pretty to look at up on my shelf. I am also now infatuated with modge podge, and have plans to brush that goop over anything I can get my hands on....look out baby, you are next!

Now to bed. I am sooooooooooo tired. Oh, and Happy Valentine's Day! Wherever you are, I hope you feel loved! 


  1. Yay for new toys (and completed projects)! I just got a vintage Singer 15-91 and an trying to figure out what to make first! If you haven't already, check out the vintage Singers group on Yahoo... loads of info and a great forum of people.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I will check it out. And congrats on your 15-91 acquisition- that is a nice machine!

  2. Beautiful clothes! I love seeing the patterns you sewed from. Congratulations on the new machine!

  3. Omg, where to start...first off, you've been busy! And second, I use a lot of vintage patterns for my daughter too. I find it doesn't matter what decade you're sewing from, they always look cute! Thirdly, I have a hard time doing 50s blouses too. That all-in-one sleeve means you have to have the darts just right otherwise it lays weird. Fourly, I love your Singer! What year is it? I sew on a 1947 from my Grandmother. And finally, I LOVE your Kenmore case. Why didn't I think of this?! I modged podged my heart out in college! Thanks for the link. I see a project in my future! Great post!!

    1. 1)I have been busy! It's funny how it always feels like I'm not getting anything done, and then I round all the projects up, and it's a lot!
      2)I love the vintage kids clothing styles, and she is too young to protest!
      3)I don't know what is up with that blouse. I made two muslins before I sewed the first top. Arrrggghh!
      4)I have seen pics of your grandma's machine. I think it is sooooo cool that your machine has priceless sentimental value. Mine is a late 60's model, I think. I believe that is when the white ones were made.
      5)And thank you! I'm glad you like the case. I would love to see yours too, when you finish it!


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