Friday, August 5, 2011

My Vintage Button Stash...Too Much of a Good Thing?

So when I was sewing the Sorbetto top I wrote about last time, I tried a few buttons just below the neckline in front. I rooted around in my large button coffee can, and rustled up a few possibilities. Some of my buttons are strung or on cards, so they are easy to locate, and I always know how many I have to use. The rest of them were (!) in a miserable heap at the bottom of the can. I inherited our late Grandma's button stash, and while I'm sure she knew what was in her tin, I had only a faint inkling from previous rummagings. I thought of this as I tried the buttons out on the blouse, and today I set about making them all visible and tidy. Would you believe it took me a good portion of the day? Turns out, I have buttons....
 And more buttons....
 And, yes, more buttons....

 And, well, even more buttons....
There are more buttons that I didn't photograph here, because they were in my "to get rid of" button bag already. But don't call "Hoarders" just yet. I now have one tidy coffee can full of the buttons I intend to keep, and the ones I am getting rid of are on their way out. I will probably list them on eBay or Etsy. How did I organize this off the chain collection? I pilfered a wonderful idea from a fellow seamstress (Jenny of Kerrfect) over at the Sew Retro blog. I reproduced one of my own vintage button cards (you can have the download for your personal use here free), and printed several with which to wrangle these little beasties. I wish I had looked back at Jenny's files first, because she has some really cute button cards! Oh well, when I was out scouting the thrift and antique shops today, I spied some fabulous vintage red and gold buttons that I probably have to buy. And, I will probably have to put them on Jenny's adorable button card.
Here is my collection being wrangled:
Recognize these lovelies Portia? :)
Aren't they purty?
And just for fun, here's what I am doing with the odd buttons out:
I had some adhesive magnetic tape in my craft cabinet, and we can always use fridge magnets. Plus, they make me smile.


  1. Thanks for the mention! You have a lot of pretty buttons! I'm jealous! I need to print out some more cards and sew my new buttons on too! I saved your version!

  2. Indeed I do!! Spookily I have Jenni's button card on my desktop ready to print off!! I haven't braved the task yet though, so well done you!!!
    You can never have "too many" of such womderful things!

  3. Love the aqua teal ones and the red and orange star ones!!! Such a fabulous collection!

  4. Hi Abby, MIL (aka GaGa) here. Guess what? There are more buttons in the boxes I brought from mom's house. Did you find the penguin and sailboat buttons? I used to play with those when I was a kid. I just love that you are sewing..along with your blog mates.

  5. Thanks, ladies, for reading about my button stash without falling asleep! And thanks Gaga :) I love the buttons- and I found two that look like what you are describing. I also looked at the Futura yesterday because I was going to get it ready to run for you, but I couldn't find the cord. Should I keep my eyes open for a new one for you?


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