Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mommy & Me Vintage Outfits

So, what do you think of "Mommy & Me" outfits? I think it's a cute idea, although I confess I like camp. I mean, I was practically swept into an eBay bidding war over this western wear number.

Anyway, my MIL half jokingly suggested that I make Baby A a matching dress to go with my Paisley Dress.Well, I didn't do exactly that, but I did have enough fabric to make her a onesie from Simplicity 9128- the same pattern I used for her 10 Cent Christmas Dress. It was just as easy, and it came out just as cute. I still need to put snaps in for quick diaper access, but aside from that I am all done. I will get a photo of us in our matching get ups as soon as I get a chance.

I enjoyed sewing this little onesie, and I was about halfway done yesterday when we ran over to our local Wal Mart for some diapers. A woman ahead of us at the check out was clearly buying sewing materials, so I asked her if she sews a lot and what. She replied that she sewed aprons, and we talked for a couple minutes about sewing in general. Then she offered "Just a word of advice, not that you asked. Don't bother sewing for her," she said, gesturing to the baby. "They just grow so fast; it's not worth it." Well guys, this used to be my opinion too, although I didn't have much experience with sewing carefully until after she was born. Now, I find that it is nice to use up small bits of fabric on clothes for her, and it provides me with the opportunity to do a short, instantly gratifying project in between longer stretches of sewing for myself. What do you think about sewing for babies and children? I have to say too that I hope when Baby A grows out of her goodies that, as I have five sisters, there will be someone for me to pass those special clothes along to.

Anyway, here is Baby A's half of the Mommy and Me ensemble:

I used some thrifted Dritz Halo buttons- perfect, huh?
I got to use some more vintage notions and put my recently acquired Singer buttonholer to work. I love that thing- way better than the three step on my Brother. If anyone else has this pattern or plans to sew with it, the only bit of caution I would give is regarding the button/buttonhole area. The instructions don't call for any interfacing, but if you are going to use those buttons at all, you need it. I realized that with the dress, but I forgot to do it again this time. I am going to put a note in with the pattern- it is so cute and easy, I am sure I will use it again! 

I spent the rest of the day today organizing my (out of control!) stash, and I can't believe how much stuff I have amassed in such a short time, almost all of it from thrifting. Well, now I know what I have, and it is all visible, and there is so much amazingly gorgeous fabric and trimming. I am refreshed and ready to on to the next project. I also bid on a few patterns on eBay, one is for my Matron of Honor dress for my sister's wedding, and it is on the way:
I'm thinking view 3. It'll be cranberry silk with the lace overblouse! Excitement!

I also have a few tricks up my sleeve for the surrounding festivities, as I will be throwing her a shower in July. I hope I win the pattern I have selected for the shower! I already have the fabric picked out....all in the name of stashbusting I tell you! It is a sweet, sweet sickness I have!


  1. That is adorable! Don't take a bit of notice of what that lady said. Children will grow out of alot of things during their childhood. Doesn't mean they should never have them!
    I've got some little bit's planned for my Little Tornado too. (2nd day of pre-school today!)

  2. Well, I have a boy and I do Mommy and me sewing, but only for going to an amusement park or something similar where I can say "Hey you seen a kid looking like this?", and it's rare. As a kid whose mother dressed her and her older sister alike (there was enough age difference it was mommy and me stuff) I HATED it so bad you just cannot know.

    Sewing for kids is no different than buying for kids, they'll grow out of it. I will say there is nothing like doing it so often that when they go into the 6th grade, when everything is SO important they ask for something...and think it's cool. There's a payout to the "waste of time", so to me it evens out.

  3. Thanks Miss P! How are you holding up with preschool? That's gotta be a mix of feelings!

    I know that lady thought she was being helpful- I just think it's funny! And at the time, Baby A was wearing the rainbow coat I made her :)

    Sew Ducky, I have been telling my husband that the money saving part will come for the more formal dresses. You don't save any money sewing t-shirts really, that stuff is for the love of your craft. And so is sewing dresses, but I think you can make a nice formal dress in silk for around what it would cost to buy a more cheaply made version. Yes...I am already thinking ahead to sewing the baby's event dresses! Somebody conk me on the head with something, please!

    Oh, and my mom used to dress my sister, who is 2 years younger than me, and I in matching clothes. She was always tall for her age, and people thought we were twins. I think I disliked being dressed to match her, but I loved being allowed to try on my mom's clothes or look anything like her!


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