Thursday, December 9, 2010

The Thrifting Gods Smile Down on Me Again!

I bought this earlier this week along with a vintage Kenmore. Both
work, and they were $5 together. The Singer was made in 1914, and
though it has some crud, it is quite pretty. It has been motorized and
had a light attached, and I have been having fun playing around with
it. I have my eyes on another machine that I will surely be selling,
and I will post pics of that little confection as soon as I get my
little paws on it!


  1. I love the Singer machines from this era. They really are works of art in my view, and usually continue to stitch beautifully even after all this time. Although I confess to doing all of my sewing on a modern machine, so they have their good points too!
    Miss P

  2. Is that a Singer 201? If so you found a treasure. I've read that they are considered the best machine Singer ever made. They are gear driven rather than belt driven and are just short of being an industrial machine. I love mine--though you beat me on price. I paid five bucks for it, and you got two machines for that!

  3. Gosh, it is pretty! The other pretty machine I considered buying was a pink Atlas, but it had a few issues, and I didn't expect that parts would be as readily available as they are for old Singers. I looked online, and I believe this is a 66. Now I will be on the lookout for a 201 to see what that is like! I am just glad this doesn't have a shuttle bobbin- for some reason I am very intimidated at the thought!


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