Thursday, December 16, 2010

Ignore the Jammies & Stumpy Ponytail

I finished a buttercup bag! I have been obsessively working on these
for a few days now, and have made the shells for several smaller bags.
I fastened one of those with a button and loop, made one a zipper top,
and this one I am fastening with a button and buttonhole instead of
the magnetic snap the pattern calls for. In case you are not familiar
with the buttercup bag it is from the Made by Rae website, and the
pattern for the small version can be had for free. It is so cute, I
paid the $10 for the large pattern and for a license to reproduce the
bags for sale. The purse sews up better in a heavier fabric than the
light cotton pictured here, but I love this fabric- I made it into my
House Blouse and a little dress. Well, I have a few more of these to
crank out for Christmas- I am not a procrastinator by nature, but
somehow I find myself in this same place every year...


  1. Hello from Mississippi! I just found your blog from a link on Sew Retro. I have been reading through your posts. I really like your writing style. Congrats on finishing the paisley dress. It is lovely.
    I like the purse you have pictured in this post. Are you going to link to the pattern? I think I'd like to make one of these myself. Thank you, Katie

  2. Thanks KatieB. I appreciate your kind words very much. It's funny- I was thinking just today as I cut some fabric for bags that I still needed to add the links. They are posted now. It is a great pattern, and I'm sure you will enjoy sewing it.


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