Monday, July 12, 2010

Playing Catch Up- Farm Fresh Eggs!

Now that I have the time and motivation, I am going to start catching the blog up on some of the neat things that go on around the farm. Today I start with farm fresh eggs and some clingy chickens. Check these out:
We purchased our hens from Dowdle's Feed and Seed in April of '09, and they began laying in late September. At first, they were so cute!

They free range, so the eggs are delicious and healthy, but the chickens do love a special treat now and then. They adore pasta, fruits such as apples and pears, cooked veggies, yogurt, and many other foods that come out of our fridge on the verge of being no good any more. When we step outside to feed them, we yell "here chip chip chip chip chip!" They come running from wherever they may be to see what we have for them. As they have gotten older, of course they have lost much of their former cuteness, but they are productive and tame. They are actually rather fond of us. You might even say they are a bit clingy. Sometimes, it seems a bit bird-stalkerish, and I am reminded of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds:

It's a bit creepy, and I might be tempted to make chicken and dumplings, but the eggs are so damn good- four a day!


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