Saturday, November 16, 2013

Sewing with (and for) Kids- Make it Better Yourself

My daughter has been pining after a headpiece with a veil for play (she loves dress up), so she and I made up a fascinator a couple of days ago during our crafty time.

We began with a round cut out of felt. She chose pink, and I stitched a couple small darts in it to make a dome shape, then I trimmed the edge in bias. Rooting through my drawers stuffed full of notions, the wee one selected the trimmings- a purple fruit net veil, some gold ribbon fringe, a bow, and a little bling. The veil and ribbon were attached by machine, while the bow and rhinestone were simply hot glued on.

We had a nice time making it together- there is just so much she cannot yet do in the sewing room, but she sees me sewing and wants to be a part of it. This was great, because she got to choose the trims and act as designer, and when she wore her fascinator in the coffee shop later that afternoon, my daughter received several compliments on it. I hope she, too, will learn to feel a deep satisfaction in "making it better" herself.
But, until she gains the skills herself, I will be sure to keep her well outfitted in cute, home sewn clothes...
Autumn Dress made from Butterick 2194
even when she's sleeping...
Slippers scaled up to a toddler 9 from the Norman pattern by I Think Sew,
Sleep mask sized down from
and know that she feels the love that I put into each pint-sized garment.

But, I've also got to do some unselfish sewing to keep myself happy....
My slippers made from the Amber Pattern at
and my feet warm! The kid was stylin', and my old slippers actually had holes in them! 

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  1. Aw, I'm sure she felt very proud of herself for her fantastic creation. My daughter is 4.5 and has already refused to wear anything me-made that she hasn't designed herself! It's taught me a lesson in not trying to force my style on someone else (even if she is still so little. Maybe especially because she's still so little)


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